Written translations FAQ

All these terms mean practically the same thing. Some translation agencies are one-man operations where the translator works alone but clients find it reassuring to work with a company. ATI is a French limited liability company (SARL), a legal entity registered with the Lille Roubaix Trade Register since 1994, with employees and a public accountant who audits and approves the year-end accounting reports. The ATI team of translators and interpreters are full-time employees who work in their native language.
Because international communication must be professional! It reflects who you are, your corporate identity. Great care was taken in drafting every word of your communication so why not extend that attention to your communications in Dutch, your English web site or your German documents?
For our specialized translators, it’s not a matter of translating words but of transmitting their meaning. They master the subtleties of the target language.
Your ATI project manager and our team of translators know their subject and will become your language consultants, your passport to international quality.
What do you pay your employees for? Have you estimated the time required for this translation job and do they have available time, time that they will not be spending on their own projects? And will you be sure of the results? Will you be able to have the translation proofread by a professional? Verbal fluency is not a guarantee of fluency in the written word free of “typical” errors made by someone who is not translating to his/her native language.
Your employees will spend more time on the translation than an experienced translator will. Have you taken into account the real cost of an in-house translation (wages, social charges, time off,…)
Projecting an international image does not leave room for approximation, for the awkwardness and inaccuracy of translation work done by non-native speakers. A professional translator whose mother tongue is the target language will give the translation a fluent style, within your time constraints.
Because the ATI agency is managed by a linguist, a translator-interpreter herself. She does not sell translation services the way one would market a widget! She knows the business specifics, the client expectations, and the translator details.

ATI names a unique, privileged and dedicated contact to manage all your translation projects whether you need legal translations, technical translations, marketing translations and in all languages! We guarantee that your technical specifications and your lead times will be met so you can make your international commitments.
Call us, ask us your questions: let’s talk about our translation services! The better we know you, the better our advice, the more optimal the solution and under the best conditions!

Absolutely! We systematically suggest to our clients that we meet as soon as possible (although to be totally honest, we have not yet met our Brazilian clients…). We always prefer dealing directly and face-to-face. Your expectations will be clearer, and we can explain and adapt our translation methodology. Call us and let’s schedule an appointment. We will be happy to meet with you!
Over 1200 clients both private and public, who trust us for their translation needs to include
Multinational groups and world leaders in their industries,
National and regional small and medium-sized businesses,
Small businesses with cross-border influence,
Community, departmental, regional, national and cross-border institutions, most further to winning competitive bidding for translation services at the European level.
For reasons of confidentiality, we will make detailed information available upon request. Do not hesitate to contact us!
If you have not found the language combination you need on the Languages page, then we are available to answer. Contact one of our project managers. S/he will give a favorable reply to your specific translation request!
Oops….Well, go and come back soon! If you want to get a rough feel for what a document says, then no problem. But to translate a legal contract, a professional presentation or even product labelling in 15 languages will be disastrous for your image. Communicating in a foreign language leaves no room for rough approximations!
ATI translation agency handles the translation of all types of documents for your multilingual communication, internal and external (refer to the Translation page). Whether your original document is hardcopy or digital, we deliver the translation in the desired format for a numerous industries.
The rules of professional conduct for translators is very strict: our clients trust us with the translation of confidential documents such as patents, minutes of management and administrative board meetings, legal matters,… with complete confidence.
During our translator recruitment process, we always check the resumes and vitaes.
The ATI certified translators sign a confidentiality agreement before becoming part of the ATI team.
All legal documents are returned at the end of the translation job. Our servers and computers are protected and there is no outside archiving of our secured servers.
We will commit to you in writing! Do not hesitate to present us with your confidentiality agreement.

The cost of a translation is subject to many factors: the language to translate, the length of the document to translate, the document format and media, and lastly, the document’s technical level and the requested translation’s industry.
That is the reason we need to review the document before we can propose a translation fee. That way there are no surprises and it allows for a preliminary contact which is often necessary to better understand your expectations and the context (why are you having the document translated? In how many languages? For which countries? Is this an update to a previously translated document?…)
But rest assured, our translation fees are competitive. Do not hesitate to contact us by completing the contact form, by e-mail or even by telephone: rapid and efficient!

Proactive and efficient, our project managers will handle your request for a translation quote upon receipt. If the request is simple and straightforward, you will receive our translation offer immediately by email, and in all cases, within 24 hours for multilingual requests or for complex documents.
Call us at +33 (0)3 20 80 00 74. We will inform you immediately and we will ask you the questions that will allow us to send you a price quote in record time!

For a first request, please send an e-mail to contact@ati-traduction.com with your contact details, the requested languages and attach the document to be translated, or fill out the form on our web site www.ati-traduction.com.
Be sure to include all important information: contact name, context and destination of the translations, desired turnaround time for the translations, industry, existence of a glossary,… We will ask you the questions that are necessary to finalize our offer!
All requests and documents for translation remain confidential. Our price quotes for translation services are non-binding for you and subject to change should your request change (shorter document, more languages,…)

Free quote for translation services: specific, customized, the best price for impeccable quality!

We will work with your lead times… and your emergencies too!
Our quality procedure for translations includes the translation + proofreading by a specialized translator + proofreading by a second agency translator + quality control of the final translation by the ATI project manager before delivery: the turnaround time for a quality specialized translation is approximately 24 hours for 2000 words. But we can go faster! For your urgent requests, call +33 (0)3 20 80 00 74 or send an e-mail to contact@ati-traduction.com. We will do our utmost to translate urgently!

Our team of expert translators, with specializations in numerous fields (refer to the Industries page), is made up of over 400 professional translators with degrees. They all translate to their native language. Depending on your need, we will trust the work to an experienced translator (specialized legal translation, technical translation, multiple language Internet site translation,…) residing in France or in the destination country as languages are alive and constantly changing. New industries appear, cultural references evolve. Only a translator who regularly returns to his/her native country will seize on the subtleties of a text, will adapt it and incorporate what’s new with the language and the culture of his/her country.
Your project is in several languages: the same rules apply and your project manager will handle organizing the translators and their schedules so your technical specifications are respected and the translations are delivered, impeccable, in the set turnaround times.

Yes, we understand the importance of having a web site in multiple languages. We translate your texts, keep the web page layout and we “localize” the work, which is to say that we adapt the web site’s translation to the culture and the consumer habits in the target country. We help you define a list of key words for search engine optimization based on the Internet user keyword sequences in foreign languages.
Regardless of your content management system (CMS) we work on updating your site’s content. Don’t hesitate to speak to one of our multilingual translation specialists!

ATI agency adapts to your requirements. Your document’s page layout will be respected at no additional cost. Our professional translators work on the original document without changing the style or format. Delivery by e-mail or on our document transfer platform guarantees that you will recover the documents in your chosen format: translation of marketing documents in InDesign, e-commerce site translations in HTML, technical translations in Excel, legal translations in Word.
For over 20 years, we have put together a team of specialized translators, certified translators, legal translators, translators specialized in new technologies,… all our professional translators are native speakers and with our years of experience we have tested and retained loyal, qualified translators.
Without a doubt, we are one of the most experienced translation agencies in the translation marketplace… large retailers and multinational groups have been trusting us with their work for years. Why not you?

A very important part of the translation process is checking the texts and proofreading several times so as to guarantee a high quality translation and style which goes without saying, perfect syntax and grammar. We can proofread your documents, your web site,… regardless of the language. The estimated cost is set forth in a price quote depending on the quality of the document and the corrections to be made.

You need a translation of an official document or an administrative document such as a certificate of registration, a judgment, an assignation, a patent or then again a driver’s license, a criminal record, a diploma, a vitae, etc.,…How do you proceed?
A translation is said to be a sworn translation when it is signed by an Expert Traducteur près la Cour d’Appel, a translator recognized as an expert by the courts. The sworn translator signs and certifies that the translation is a true and accurate translation of the original document. The translated document has legal weight and can be presented to all administrative offices or organizations: City Hall, the Courts, Police Stations, Ministries, Notarial Offices, National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI).

Here is a mystery we would like to clear up. Your translations are not made by a machine but by qualified translators, specialized translators or an experienced team.
Translation software (CAT: computer assisted translation) exists. But under no circumstances is it automatic translation software!
When we acquire it, the software is empty. Our translators input to the Translation Memory. For every client we build a bilingual lexicon called a “translation memory”, a sort of data base that is augmented with every translation job you assign, for perfect coherence of terminology over time.

Some sites issue online quotes without ever seeing documents. They offer no guarantees, they conduct no quality control. They are “drop boxes” which pass along your translations to non-experienced translators, or students, delocalized to countries with low costs.
Ask yourself the right questions: are you certain to have a responsible contact who will take your instructions into account? Is the company insured? Where is it located? Are your contacts easily identified and reachable? Does your international communication merit mediocrity?