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Founded in 1994, ATI offers the services of over 400 translators and interpreters – loyal, available, and efficient – across numerous industries.
Our team will assist you to guarantee the best offers and the highest attention to quality and turnaround times.

Our translators and interpreters are carefully selected, experienced and loyal: one translator, one interpreter for one client to provide total satisfaction.

A test? Why not! We will happy to comply!

The team



ATI Founder and Director

• Trilingual from birth
• Manager and Sales Director
• In-depth analysis of requests, client calls and counsultation
• Assignment of appropriate in-house and outside resources


Chef de projets traductions techniques et commerciales

• Master 2 traduction spécialisée multilingue/gestion de projets
• Bac+4 en relations interculturelles et coopération internationale
• Parfaite maîtrise de l’organisation de prestations multilingues et multiformats
• Responsable des solutions marketing et commercialesTitulaire d’une Licence Langues Étrangères Appliquées


Project Manager Institutional Accounts

• Masters in Specialized Multilingual Translation/Project management
• Government contract administration, client-translator liaison during project execution
• Responsible for recruitment and ATI certification of translators and interpreters.


Project Manager Technical Translations

• Masters in Specialized Multilingual Translation/Project management + Licence in Applied Foreign Languages
• Supervision and pooling of resources for technical translation project management
• CAP, special formats and translation quality control



Management Assistant

• BTS in Management Assistance (AA equivalent) and T.O.E.I.C. (Test Of English For International Communication)
• Front desk and telephone reception. Administrative and accounting management. Maintains data bases and translator and interpreter schedules.