Turnaround times

picto-devisati-traduction-pic01Our turnaround times include translation + first proofreading + quality control + second proofreading before delivery.
Several words can be turned around within an hour.
A half-day is sufficient for 100 or 500 translated words.

On average, we can deliver 2000 translated words per day while observing our quality procedures.
For large files (multi-lingual websites, technical notices, packaging in several languages,…), upon request, the translations will be delivered as they are completed so the next steps in the procedure can be taken without delay.

We will then proceed with a complete proofreading of the completed document (Press proof, texts posted online, depending on the type of work).

Don’t forget!
Think ahead and consult us for your translation request before the translation becomes urgent!
Even if the document to be translated is still being drafted and is not finalized.
Our quotes can be readjusted and are not binding: contact us!