Professional translations

Use the services of a team of professional translators and maximise the impact of your communications with your foreign partners.

ATI traduction - traduction professionnelle

A qualified team for professional translations

Our team of professional translators is fully-trained, experienced and highly responsive. The translators forming our network apply a set of good practices which guarantee high-quality results:

  • Code of conduct: all communication is handled in such a manner as to ensure its confidentiality
  • Expertise: our professional translators are highly experienced. They have both a high very thorough knowledge of their working languages and their field of expertise.
  • IT skills: our team has expert knowledge and experience of the different technologies used to assist the translation process and harnesses their full potential to guarantee fast deliveries
  • Dialogue: we communicate with you on the important points of your project and provide appropriate answers to your questions.

Quality of your professional translations

You have produced your documents in a rigorous manner, paying great attention to detail and we take great pride in adopting the same conscientious approach to their translation. All our translations are the subject of proofreading and quality assurance that guarantees the accuracy of the text in the target language as well ensuring as much as possible that your original layout is retained depending on the format used to create the file.

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