We have provided specialist translating services for international multilingual events for 30 years.

Thanks to our experience, we master the different specific features of every interpreting configuration and, together with you, can choose the technical solutions and interpreters that best meet your requirements.

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Different simultaneous interpreting methods

In booths, with minimal equipment or whispering, the interpreters chosen by ATI master the simultaneous interpreting techniques and provide a highly professional solution, whiling ensuring the respect of confidentiality and code of conduct.

Simultaneous interpreting in booths

This optimal solution enables fluid dialogue over a period of several hours without impacting quality for listeners. It is especially suited to multilingual translation services for large-scale conferences, shows, symposiums, official openings, etc.

Simultaneous interpreting with minimal equipment

This translation method is adapted in several configurations: Mobile services, with room changing, or emergency solutions, in rooms where booths cannot be installed.

Whispered interpreting

Whispered interpreting also known as chuchotage, is live simultaneous translation, without audio equipment: The interpreter speaks softly to the person who needs the translation. This method is used for small meetings, without background noise, where one or possibly due people require translation.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the term used when the translator intervenes after the speaker and the two of them take it in turns to speak.

Organising your interpreting mission

Entrusting us with organising your interpreting assignments: we listen attentively to your description of the event, listing your requirements and provide you with the most suitable solution for your event: Number of listeners expected, number of languages, travel, field of specialisation, etc.

Specialised interpreting

We have a network of experienced interpreters with a wide variety of specialist areas. Culture, tourism, scientific and academic research, industrial tooling… We put together a team of highly-competent specialist interpreters for you, to provide a high-quality service for your event.

Services provided together with interpreting

In addition to our interpreting assignments, we can translate or proofread the documents related to your event in the languages of the audience. The videos, PowerPoint presentations and special events planned during your conferences or exhibitions may need subtitling, dubbing or live interpreting by our team of linguistic and technical specialists.

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