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Copywriting in foreign languages

Copywriting refers to the drafting of advertising content in promotional texts, with a view to encouraging readers to buy a products and services or act in another way. Within the framework of a multilingual of a communication project, copywriting embellishes the translation of your text, finely honing it to deliver more persuasive content: A regular dialogue between you, ATI and the copywriter will enable you to adopt the right marketing strategy and achieve your objective in the target country.

What are the different stages of a copywriting project?

Firstly, a meeting is arranged between you, the ATI project manager and the copywriter: you present your project, the project manager and the copywriter ask questions to clearly identify your expectations:

  • What image do you want to give of your organisation?
  • What is your marketing target?
  • Which language should be used?

After having defined these essential outlines, the project manager and copywriter will provide you with a written proposal. After a first approval stage, the copywriter makes the necessary modifications and delivers you his final version.

Copywriting is a service that complements translation

ATI can take care of a pure copywriting project, for your international brochures, communication tools, and website. 

Your documents may also require a wider range of skills: The expert knowledge of a specialist translator for technical texts: user interface, product pages of your website… combined with the creativity of a copywriter to adapt your slogans, catchphrases and product names for international markets. 

ATI provides a tailored offering enabling you to take full advantage of its network: Our large pool of translators and copywriters are highly experienced and loyal. 

Entrust your foreign language copywriting projects to ATI

Entrusting your foreign language copywriting projects to ATI is a guarantee of personalised tracking, with a single contact person who heads up a carefully chosen team based on the expertise and experience of its members. 

They entrusted us with their copywriting projects:

La Poste

Mixed project: within the context of translating the user interfaces of its automatic franking machines, ATI’s involvement was two-fold: the first stage saw an English-language copywriter, chosen by ATI and approved by the client, provide suggestions to adapt the names of the La Poste products to be meaningful to an international audience based on a brief finalised during a video conference. Then, a technical linguist translated the user interface in a computer-aided translation software requiring his expertise, and used the creative translations proposed by the copywriter forwarded to him after approval by the client.

Do you have a copywriting requirement?