Machine translation

Although we always give priority to a “traditional” approach to translation in accordance with best practice (translation undertaken by a qualified translator specialising in or more fields, followed by a technical and linguistic proofreading by another translator), there is another alternative namely machine translation. Used wisely and with the right tools, mastered machine translation may correspond to your needs.

ATI traduction - automatic translation

What is machine translation?

A translation is referred to as being automatic when it is completely undertaken by one or more computer programs, without human intervention. It is also different from computer-aided translation or creative translation.

Today, machine translation is one of the usual tools available to professional translators and enables ATI to complete its offering based on your needs.

What level of quality does machine translation offer?

Machine translation only allows the reader to gain a basic awareness of a subject dealt with in a foreign language text.

The quality obtained enables the reader to grasp the overall sense but is not sufficient for the document to be circulated: the document cannot be used as it is. It might well contain errors or inaccuracies that could have consequences in terms of brand image, credibility or even legal liability.

However, in some cases, a machine translation produced with professional tools, followed by skilled post-editing and supervised by an experienced project manager, may be the solution to obtain a quality solution that satisfies your requirements concerning deadline and budget.

In which cases is machine translation with post-editing be used a good solution?

Machine translation with post-editing is quick: The post-editor focuses on the parts of the text that absolutely require his expertise and intervention. Consequently, it is suited to large-scale projects with tight deadlines.

According to several studies, machine translation works better with certain language combinations than others. It is also important to assess the technical level and complexity of the document before deciding to go ahead with such a project:

  • User manuals
  • Lists of product sheets
  • Lists of ingredients

Assessing the utility of translation combined with post-editing

Our project managers will assess your requirements quickly to determine whether machine translation combined with la post-editing is the best solution for your project.

Your translation will be entrusted to an experienced post-editing translator, and checked before delivery by your project manager.

In the following cases, creative or traditional professional translation will always be priority methods:

Website translation

Translation of sales brochures and leaflets

Legal translation

Traduction marketing

Translation marketing


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