Proofreading a translation

All our translations are (proofread) and the subject of rigorous quality control.

This phase involves two aspects:

  • Checking the essence: grammatical structures, style, spelling and typography, consistency with regard to the terminology used and the layout.
  • Checking for consistency: comparing the translation with the source text; checking the perfect match between the translation and the source text; ensuring there are no omissions; looking to improve the style and checking the consistency of the text; ensuring the requested terminology (compatible with the customer glossary) has been used as well as any special instructions given prior to translating.
Traduction assermentée ATI

What is the difference between revision and proofreading a translation?

In translation, the revision is always conducted by referring to the source text to be able to render its sense. Proofreading a translation is considered to be the correction of the translated text without amending its sense. The quality of the delivered work is dependent on these two stages.

Why have a text written directly in a foreign language proofread?

There are cases of documents written directly into a language that is not the author’s mother tongue. A concrete example of this a French person writing a text in English. In such a case, the most difficult challenge is to guess the meaning of certain sentences which, as they read, a British person would be unable to understand.

Your document is intended to be circulated to the general public.

We also provide a proofreading service prior to the final proof for the documents that have to be printed. This may concern, for instance, advertising media, exhibition material, brochures and business reports. This absolutely essential stage highlights the project context thus enabling all of the Desktop publishing (DTP) to be checked: the text to be published compared with the source text, end-of-line hyphenation, widows and orphans, etc.

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