Specialist translation

Specialist translation is guided by a set of simple principles:

  • the translators chosen by ATI only translate towards their mother tongue;
  • they master the source language with the best qualifications to prove this;
  • the translator’s experience is essential to guaranteed the success of your projects.

That said, each translation project is different and the list of skills required to provide a high-quality service increases with the field of expertise in question.

Traduction spécialisée

Technical translation

For technical translations e.g. a user manual or a safety data sheet, the specialist translator chosen will master the terminology specific to the field in question. The translator will be able to carry out the necessary specific terminological research, and ask the client the right questions in order to confirm their choice.

In addition to their linguistic skills, technical translators master IT tools: software designed to help translators with terminology as well as terminology databases such as glossaries, corpora, etc.

Traduction marketing

Sales and marketing translation

Translation of your sales and marketing documents: brochures, advertising videos, external communication, advertising campaigns, all require great creativity, focused on finding the right style and convincing message.

It can be coupled with copywriting, an upstream process seeking the best possible tone to adopt based on the target audience in question.

Furthermore, for your sales translations, we focus on respecting the layout and graphic work which is undertaken upstream. We implement our expertise concerning layout tools (InDesign, etc.) To make it easier to adapt the text for its publication.

Legal translations

The specialisation et expertise of legal translators are both essential in order to deliver high-quality legal translations. Each word may indeed be crucially important, and the translator must be fully aware of every detail in order to provide a text which conveys the essence of the meaning of the original document.

The translator will not hesitate to highlight the slightest doubt and ask the necessary questions for the person writing the text. Lastly, a discussion between the translator and your Legal Department is strongly recommended in order to ensure the quality of the text.

Translating websites

Translating websites is becoming increasingly complex: integration of texts in back office, video media, sound, links with the company’s social media and regular updates for SEO, are all recent developments in the field of creating websites. We pay great attention to these phenomena and will provide you with comprehensive support for your Internet strategy.

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