Transcription and subtitling

ATI traduction - transcriptions and subtitles

What is transcription and subtitling?

Transcription and subtitling are difficult exercises both requiring specific skills. If you want to add sub-titles to a video while retaining the original language (subtitling) or transcribe the content of a recorded oral message (transcription), you’ve come to the right place!
When translating with a view to subtitling a video, it is necessary to bear in mind that it must be possible to read the text quickly and that the viewers will be watching the screen and listening to the voices. This requires a great ability to summarise and vast experience in the field: This is a different translation format requiring very specific knowledge.
Our linguists have great experience in this field.

Specific features of transcription

As far as transcription is concerned, this involves some particular difficulties. It is often used for conferences, interviews and presentations. Sound problems and poor quality of the recording are often encountered. The transcription process very often calls for the involvement of different transcribers, in particular when the linguistic content is difficult to understand.
For example, background noise can sometimes impact the transcription process: people coughing, paper rustling or very broad accents. This explains why it is essential that translator completely masters the subject in question: in order to avoid inaccuracies and errors in the final text.

Transcription and subtitling experts.

Let us take care of your transcription and subtitling needs; our project manager will be delighted to give you details of the complete process. We are experts in translating technical texts and documents concerning new technologies. Content related to culture, tourism, marketing and online advertising also feature among our specialities.

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