Interpreting for virtual conferences

In March 2020, video conferencing suddenly burst into the daily life of our companies, revolutionising the way we communicated with each other. Virtual dialogues have multiplied, and at the same time video conferencing platforms, each new one more innovative than the last one, as well as interpreting solutions à distance.

The ATI team, trained to use the different online interpreting technologies, can offer you with a wide range of different video conference interpreting solutions based on the configuration of your meeting.

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Interpreting for virtual conferences

Interpreting your virtual conference via Zoom or Teams requires several adjustments:
– A test of the connection and requirements of the participants must be conducted by a technician the day before the event or a few hours before on the day itself.
– In video conferencing, the work of the interpreters is dependent on good management of speaking time for each participant: Participants must not speak at the same time, interrupt each other, etc. Consequently, we advise you to:

  • ensure the participants are fully aware of these facts;
  • have a moderator – a person who is not one of the active attendees – to manage the micros and lead the meet;
  • avoid frequent and disorganised and changes of speakers: Respecting the agenda and the pre-arranged speaker order is essential.
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Virtual events

To help you organise your virtual events with interpreting, ATI mobilises its network of technicians and service providers in order to provide you with a highly professional solution: streaming, film studio equipped with translation booths…

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Remote training

When it comes to organising your remote training courses, in addition to providing the most suitable technical solution, ATI Translation can offer you the service of moderating your event: Managing the order of the different speakers, opening and cutting off the participants’ micros, organising a vote via a survey tool are all difficult tasks to manage if you are a stakeholder in the meeting yourself.

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Interpreting for Webinars

Webinars generally feature several speakers for a large number of passive participants sometimes exceeding a hundred people. It is essential to anticipate all possible technical problems by benefiting from the services of a specialist technician who will ensure that all participants can hear the interpreter. ATI puts in place with you a list of specifications defining the precise role of the technician to ensure that each person’s role is perfectly clear when providing the service.

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