picto-devisati-traduction-pic02ATI is 400 experienced professional translators, available, proactive and efficient, they translate exclusively to their native language:

– Specialized translators who understand the specifics of your industry.
– Working in close collaboration with the client (technicians, sales staff, copywriters, HR,…)
– Creation of translation memories which ensure the consistent use of terminology specific to your company while optimizing quality and cost savings for recurring translations.
– Rigorous quality control for a final translated document that is impeccable.
Quick and formatted deliverables for simplified use of translated documents.
– Rates that are adapted to volume and recurrence of work with no rush charges for emergency requests.
– Personalized attention and follow-up so you always get the best possible answer to meet your needs.

ATI, closer to your needs!

ati-traduction-pic03Give us your project, we’ll take care of the rest!

– analyze and identify your specific needs to supply you with a quick and personalized quote.
– assign a dedicated contact, your project manager who’s there to listen.
– assign the most competent translator(s) to translate your text based on their native language and the required area of expertise.
– discuss, revise and deliver within the turnaround time and in the agreed upon format.
– build a translation memory in our client’s interest: efficiency gains, cost savings.

You are satisfied, your documents are harmonized, the style is consistent, your communication is perfect!