Equipment for simultaneous translation and conference interpreting, audio systems

After reviewing your needs, we will advise you on the necessary simultaneous translation equipment.

Depending on the venue, the surroundings, the number of participants, the number of languages, the existing audio system – or the audio system to be provided – we will make a personalized offer.

We can work with unequipped rooms or complete existing equipment. We visit the site beforehand to adapt our equipment offer: round table meeting, conference held in an amphitheater, in a conference room, in a reception hall,…

Our technical staff will handle transportation, installation and dismantling of the equipment. They will also provide technical support for the duration of the event.

The daily rental fee is based on venue, duration, number of participants, and number of languages, among other factors.

Discounts for long-term rentals starting from 2 days.

Special offers extended to regular clients.

Simultaneous equipment

Equipment for conference-type simultaneous translation:

• Translation booths: double or triple booths
These are soundproof booths where the interpreters work.
• Infrared transmitters and headphones
Each participant is equipped with a transmitter where s/he can adjust volume and select the language channel (English, French, …). The transmitter is connected to the headphones.

Additional equipment necessary for simultaneous translation systems:

• Microphone, wireless or corded
• Interpreter desk (2-position)
• Speaker control system
• Infrared transmitter
• Channel transmitter
• Infrared emitter
• Technical support

Additonal equipment available:

• Complete audio system (amplifier, mixing, speakers depending on the level of noise in the room)
• Wireless HF microphone
• Lapel microphone
• Headset
• Corded microphone
• Speaker desk
• Conference table unit with double selector (tabletop desks, for example for round table participants)
• Digital recorder (speakers + translation)

Portable simultaneous translation equipment (guided tour or small groups):
Referred to as the “bidule” or gizmo by French interpreters, the portable simultaneous translation equipment comes in a carrying case and contains:

• HF microphone emitter for guided tours
• HF receiver headphones for guided tours