picto-devisati-traduction-pic07You need the skills of a professional interpreter?
Allow us to assist you.

ATI can put together a team of interpreters based on:

–  speakers’ languages and number of participants
–  type and layout of the event venue
–  event length
–  budget constraints

Whether conference interpreters or liaison interpreters we will dispatch the professionals you need where you need them in France: Lille, Paris, Lyons, Bordeaux,.. and in Europe: Brussels, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam,…

Our interpreters have:

At least a 4-year degree in language training or the equivalent

Strong people skills: attentive listening, proactive, adapting, all vital for the business of interpreting.

Two-way language interpretation for solo assignments.

Confirmed professional experience for special assignments.

We can also handle the installation of booths and/or two-way interpretation equipment and offer technical support during the duration of the assignment.

Regardless of the language combinations required, a personalized quote will be supplied at no cost.